What We Do

Why We Exist

We're here to make Jacksonville a destination of choice for families, individuals, graduates, and businesses.

How We Do It

The Jacksonville Civic Council leverages the combined talents, experience and influence of a diverse group of business and civic leaders to accomplish goals that no individual or organization in our community can achieve alone.

Our Major Accomplishments

With over 80 members, the Civic Council is a valuable and trusted resource for decision-makers in government and the nonprofit sector, an advocate for common-sense, sustainable public policy; and an acknowledged thought-leader on Jacksonville’s most pressing issues.

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Our Decision Flow

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1. What is the problem and what do we already know?

2. Which of our four strategic priorities will this decision advance?

3. What (un)intended political/ethical consequences might this decision create?

4. Do we have capacity and resources to make an impact and what happens if we do nothing?

5. Who else is weighing in on this problem?

Potential Outcomes: Study, Influence, Convene, Do Nothing

Our Values

The Civic Council was established to provide leadership on issues critical to the community’s long-term success. Although the organization’s structure, priorities and approach to addressing issues may change over time, the following values consistently guide us.


Working together and with other community leaders and groups to move our city forward.


Addressing critical needs and issues when no other organization has the capacity or the will to do so.


Creating an effective civic-leadership model that minimizes inefficiencies and focuses on a few critical priorities at one time in order to solve issues affecting quality of life and economic competitiveness.

Broad Constituency

Seeking solutions that will benefit residents and businesses at every level of our community.


Achieving lasting policy change through education and advocacy with policy makers and stakeholders at the local, state and federal levels.

Economic Opportunity

Supporting economic opportunity across race, gender, ethnic and other barriers that limit our potential as a world-class city.

Transparency & Accountability

Using knowledge and research-based decisions to reach measurable outcomes.


As a founding member once said, “It is amazing what you can accomplish when you are not worried about who gets the credit.”